1-14-92 My Life, The Sky, The Sea

Port Elizabeth,South Africa

And it all lies before me
The sea,the sky,my life
A chip of lunar jewelry hangs high
Between a flight and endless night
This place is a sigh of relief
Nature’s hands,soothing touch of equality
When in the sea all are wet
Our skins shine no matter the color
The salt stings and heals our wounds
Hands and feet wrinkle after a while
To be here,Here,in the now
Puts yesterday and its hate
Tomorrow and its fear

Still,I look down,see the guards
Feel the sadness,the madness
In that at home no one cares
There a pawn of politics I am not
A part of this,apart from this
I remain who I am,without judgment
And it all lies before me
My life,the sky,the sea.