airborne over New Mexico/Arizona

So often we are compelled
To do what we have to to get what we want
Or that we feel that we need
Lie, complain, make a nuisance of ourselves
Pay a price we cannot afford
Be away from what nurtures us, makes us whole
Harm the associations with the beings closest to us

(Fear: being afraid of losing what we have or not getting what we want)

We say we want† that thing, we need this thing, we canít live without it
That sandwich, that money, that toy, that drug
That experience, that rush, that release, that security
How far will we go?

Will we steal or hurt someone? Make others do without?
Will we harm our own well being? Turn our eyes away?
Will we whore ourselves to drug dealers? Hide our morals like a ring †† †in a purse?
Will we deny a child their childhood? Throw away their future?
Will we kill a dream or die in vain? Never really live or love at all?

Perhaps itís not that black and white. Perhaps it should be.