What needs to be said is not certain
And, like the rest, I try to move forward

Today I don’t feel as dependent on others
As past days would lead me to believe;
Their answers come not in this time
(Which happens to be the only time I have)
So I let the wheel turn, the others ponder and procrastinate,
Trying to please those who’s fancies shift like a windsock
Planted between storm fronts;
Their phones will ring today, nothing really said,
Mine silent as it should be,
Life goes on.

Today I will do what is in front of me, nothing else,
Just what I can;
And leave the horrors and worry for someone else…

For today, the sun shines on this part of Texas,
Warming the air and all that breathes;
The water still, full of life and potential,
Not in charge of growth or birth but irreplaceable in it’s part of things.

For today, I will clean the corners of the house
Rather than staring in the corners of my mind;
By doing so, the house will be better
And my mind could follow suit…

For today, I will be a part of life,
Not controlling or manipulating empty promises,
Just a beast in the sun, a breather of air, a child of water,
A spirit of pure potential
Feeding life rather than draining my own,
Living life rather than waiting for death.

What needs to be said is still not certain;
But what I have, needed to be said.