Often I get reminded
Of the importance of acceptance
These nagging yet loving clues
That show how to live among others
No matter how many times I am drawn
To this concept from different directions
It seems to be an old answer, a new answer
The only answer.

I write now to once again remind myself
That acceptance isn’t just giving up
It is an action and a picture frame
A placing and a letting go
A spiritual allowance for something else to exist
Outside the swirling gravity of the black hole of self

It’s a balancing act that turns into a foundation
A thought that becomes freedom
An enemy that becomes human
A pain that becomes life

It’s so easy to forget that this is
A muscle that needs to be trained;
Belief systems the world round
Remind us of this simple fact
And we have the people of this earth
Who were in part put here to help us exercise
This scheme of quiet relief
And still we forget, we still forget…

The hostile homes we have made for ourselves
Seem so much more comfortable and known
That quiet scares us, forces us to look
Inward, at ourselves, see the pain we have caused
Others and ourselves

How a quiet lake, it’s surface glass
Serves as a mirror of all those things
We’d rather not see
Acceptance is the lake smooth

It is our hearts liking the reflection
It is the quiet that smiles and grows patient
It is what allows others to find their own path
To the side of the water where they can learn to be quiet
It is the promise of peace in this day
It is the home we never had
It is the love we are better for knowing.