10-9-96 begging for sunset and dreading midnight

It’s so easy
When I see you
To feel the comfort of time
To be myself without question
To belong, and know love
Submerged, breathing easy

The hills roll burning in the sunlight
The night brings refuel and relief
How many wonderful days can I have with you?
I treasure each one as the last…

You make my dreams seem too reasonable
You’d figure a writer would embellish a bit
Your reality flattens memories every time
Usually the greed of the ego demands flesh, possession
But my dreams were just of you near me
Your breath close enough to make my muscles question orders

Sometimes I get mixed messages from you
Enough to keep it interesting
How much of it my own confusion, I hope I’ll never know
You just be who you are
I know where I’m going to be
(and so do you!)
It’s so easy
To love you back.