Agoura Hills,CA


Pulling at a loosened root
Replanting up the road
Beneath the lunar foundry
My new home nestled in the mold
The fear of floating free again
The excitement of something new
Everything happening far too fast,happening far too fast.

Changing my location,a radical shift all would say
Trying to stay the same after feeling nature’s sway
A person enters into my life and leaves suddenly as fast
Before I could ruin the future,I now must contemplate the past

Does not right equal not good enough
Too fast,too slow,too soon
Was an honest word the factor
Or fates hand brushing me aside

You want to know my pain,the way I feel right now
If I consider you a monster,a villain or worse
If I will forgive you for being yourself today
I will never let you see the face within
A forfeit being called
My feelings prevent me from writing clearly and honestly
The biggest shame of all
To be consumed by that which I hate the most
And love you all the same.