5-19-02 troublemaker haiku



Summer beckoning
Orange cat races the traffic
Light quickly changing

Summer morning drive
Found path of darkening grass
Nearly late for flight

Hands cross open book
Spring light works between the clouds
The tree used again

Birds and water sing
Above the light traffic noise
Spring breeze brings a smile

Spring rain cold and slow
The path darker from the drops
Through spotted glasses

Sudden upright sleep
Body says to rest a bit
Work not withstanding


I mention nature
I even add a season
Still not real haiku

Causing Trouble:

My ass sore from seat
Sweat will come from summer heat
Gold Bond saves the day

They all beg for picks
Perhaps they should all bring cookies
And then we could trade

Stagehands disappear
Perhaps they have done shows with
David Copperfield?

Cool spring air blowing
The grass moves forward and back
E Tape on my shoe

Spring sunlight knifes through
Empty cases block my path
Stack them in the truck