11-28-91 Thanks


Daylight leaves like a dying relationship
Sleepy streetlights watch it’s love slowly go
The reality of darkness surprises no one
And hidden the pains of the lonely grow

Long hands of saltwater run over my mind
Pulling lightly the rocks with a tenth of it’s might
I hold that Bahia and Bali share more
Than mutual letters in the approaching night.

In the eyes of a child selling moments of breath
In the hills of the coast being cut by a storm
In the streets of the town where my money is my face
My face speaks of money their eyes report and inform

In their hearts and their heels tempo steady and slow
In the smiles excuses rest,then die from neglect
From the heart of a people comes heat and desire
Slow burning answers from the lack of a fire.

I fill with the grace that gratitude shares
My thanks too large and too strong for my words
To be here today with the sea at my back
Another dream answered,unforced,incidental
In darkness my praise is sent to thee
The light that never sets on me.