“One cannot exist without the other”

It’s not a matter of co-dependency
More like a symbiotic exchange
Where the one fuels the fire in order to be warmed
Consumed by the exchange
It becomes something else
An other, no longer the simple element that entered the agreement
But an alloy brought about from the reaction

The doubt created by the seen and the unseen
The felt and the unfelt, the proved
And the cradle of faith
There are no accidents
And yet it is not all predetermined

The chaos of our existence still seems to find
Its path of least resistance
No matter how hard we fight, no matter how easy we drift and carom
The joy and tragedy of our lives just is
The connections unlikely
Fall like snow around us
And our landscape changes
And changes again

Science and Religion, Love and Hate, Harmony and Discord
The duality of life just pokes at the absolutes
Shows us the contrast within every field
Yin, meet Yang
Good meet Evil

Nothing is as simple as it appears
The obvious solutions are often polluted
By our humanity, by nature, by fear
Or rust
When crossed we either fall to our knees in thanks
Or fight bloody and breathless
And in the end we neither win or lose, we just are
Individual, unique, but not truly special

Another snowflake, another tear.