11-18-91 One More Week !!!


In a handful of hours
My visa in paradise expires
And what I’ll be losing
Can not negate what I’ve gained
That what is not captured in photos
Or packed deftly in bloated bags
Is the treasure I carry
Undeclared and unbound.

It came from the quietest of villages
The smallest of words
The biggest of ideas
The commonest of dogs
Where an instrument has a spirit respected
First and fifth sons from all families
Proudly share the same name

Where Faust and Peer took my hand
On an afternoon without time
Showed me off the grounds quietly
Brought me back with a nod,
Curling smoke ’round my head;

Where a river waited to be entered
Absorbed and accepted
Where life has a heart rate that matches the rapids
And God’s touch is visible because you’re willing to see.

Life for a man who comes from my place
Where dreams are revised and have the same ending
Syndicated,translated to pull in the strays
Goes by on a watch strap if no warning is heeded
Nagging feelings and clues from hearts weary and gray
What tragic myth may I have mirrored
Without black sand and books
For without paradise,hell loses it’s sting
And without understanding,life loses true meaning.