Charlotte, N.C.

When it all rushes at you
The day, memories and emotions
There are no filters, no governors, no brakes
I stand without a shield
Then hammered† to the sticky floor
Among the scuffed cases with broken latches
Those here to help donít see the assault
And those you are side by only glimpse a small change in atmosphere

This journey Iíve started, the path that I follow
Leaves wreckage of all sorts, mainly resting in my lap
The loss of a gentle fading memory
Hurts more than the tear of an unclosed case
My bouts of rejection never seem to ease on contact
And only time will tell on itís load out
My feelings as numb as my hand
The qualities dance just out of reach, clear to the eye

All that I can reply sounds like a cheap jagged telegram

ď I will love you always
I will be there if you need me
But time will have to pass
Before I will reach out on my own
I wish you could have told me
When your eyes were avoiding mine
Be well in your journey
And we will cross paths again.Ē