12-31-94 How, What and Where

Here we go again ladies and gents, with another year just about under the belt some of us can and can not see… another collection of a mind gone elsewhere. Not too prolific or constant, I continue to put finger to key and flush the radiator that resides on my shoulders. As has been my experience since getting sober, the year has been full of feelings, experiences, love and head scratching. The disclaimer from previous years still holds true; this collection is of a first draft quality that goes with my current philosophy about my writing. I wish to capture the moment of the creation, warts and all, so that a document of the time is created. I suppose when I start writing song lyrics and Hallmark cards I will learn to edit, polish and detail my work. But, for now, I am content with this little buncha pages that clutter my hard disk.
What follows is some background on these ramblings; the warning holds… if you are an explorer, continue without reading the following. If you really want to know what the hell I was talking about, you can refer to this section. There are no guarantees to this map; I am not totally objective about what is here. Maybe you will find something I can