Not a word for so long
Had to wait until the clock wandered
And the sun thought of getting up
I’ve been trying to have the others
Take my hand and let the words
Fall in and fall out

Life has been so full
There is time but no passion
A heart that wants to create
And feels no push, no pull
Of love I am not wanting
Of work I have my fill
But I want to share with you
The things I see and feel

How the autumn leaves made their last trip
Driven to the ground by a cold rain
Hiding the road like a freak snowstorm
Or a swamp’s water lilies cluttering the bow
Of a rented boat

How poetry keeps me alive
Even when I’m not the writer
The words of others in print
Or in conversation or architecture
Or in movement
How love can slowly soothe the fear
Uncover that which needs to be looked at
And dealt with

The warmth of a woman who still surprises me
With the depth of my heart in her pocket
I just wanted to see my horrible penmanship
Save these words forever.