Griffith Park,CA

To see things clear again
(for once,at last,today)
To clear the poison tears as they cling to my cheek
As if never the sun had pierced the clouds
Or the sea answered its thrust willingly
Reluctant surrender of weapons not needed
In a battle only defined by perception.

Why begrudging are my acts
When nature left for all inspection
Lies smiling,unchanged,oblivious
To any twists or fun house mirrors used by mortals
Constructing castles to live behind,inside.

How a push away,back,can open eyes
Thought to be open
Push start reality,kick start a feared ride
Down avenues foreign and wondrous
To be taken outside myself
In the opposite direction I headed first
And always.

We look to our travels for clues and wildlife
Myths building  in our own lives inside out
Perhaps my need to punctuate free verse
Will fade as my will fades
For growth will only strengthen my ability to love
And knowledge will be the food of my growth
Honesty will release the door to knowledge
And love will support and be built by honesty.

A sea wind pulls words from my pen
Sunlight binds and bronzes my thoughts
Sacred land forms firm foundations
But a beautiful smile opens the book
To an empty page full of possibilities;
Thank you my friend,thank you.