` 4/18/92


Came a surprise wind
And it smelled calm
It grabbed me and sent me on my way
As I traveled
It smelled like evergreen
A species nurtured by money,
Loneliness and hired help
The scent of a neighborhood
Drifting down to the others,me
And it continued to blow

And it smelled like judgment
A life taken;we,a little less like God
Never to see a head on a stick
Next to the Beverly Hills sign
California awoke with blood on its hands
Washed and went to work (on time)

“One for our side…”

I felt something finally,after…
Neither pro or con
I felt small,minuscule
In that man so often decides in that which he has no right
And the wind smelled like anything but change.

And it smelled like sorrow
Ironic essence of mortality
As strong on either side of the tracks
With a last ok,tender release
A shout hidden in a train’s cry
Ride into the endless night
The scent of safe,warm passage in the sand.