1-29-97 the shadow drops

Leeds, UK

Here it comes again
The settling of a paper thin black veil

A bother while I’m busily re-writing the Constitution
To include “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Tolerance”
Drinking bad coffee, staring at strangers
Wondering if they have anything that could be called passion
No time alone, being paid to lose all solitude

I fight to find a title, a direction
I’m tired of being denied permission to love
I’m tired of shoes that don’t fit
I’m tired of Al Green being right
I’m tired

And a voice can trigger a smell, a sadness
You, you go about your business
Keep laughing and smiling and “enjoying life”
Today I’m convinced that denial is well spread
But you all keep on with what you’re doing and be well
Despite my tone I feel nothing but love for you
Too much, misplaced, unwanted love

The shadow drops like a German elevator
And I can smile
Because I am no longer alone.