11-11-91 Yet More


At first my ears
Heard cellophane unwrapping
Against a veiled window on the 14th floor
My mind in someones lap a lifetime away
To mistake the cleansing hand of nature
Calling me to look out,down
Light protecting my lair,gauze Christo belt
At sidewalk level,clean streets cleaner
Mean Streets
Each glimmer shows the city a new look
Dark towers a few late night winks wet
Words,these words
Shed more light in their clutter
That each flash of cameras unseen
Tattoos on my eyes,my eyes,my arm
Shape follows to the paper
Fear of the sight of first light
Waved back by another peek behind another hotel
Time on my hands,words on my mind
Words left on the sill for another
Taken for a moment when they need saying.