Out of fiction
Left with the three page-snore pace
Of reality
Only now I read the words of poets
And have charged myself into a graveyard shift cycle
Where I awake at midnight
And feed on the darkness

The winter mist frosts Ipanema
I have a strange view today
From above, the sea seems contained
The gentle squeezing of gravy in a sealed bag
Or the septic fingers displaying a silicone implant
(Jesus! where did those come from?)
The conversation continues below, my longest one
Without sun, the cock’s crow sounds like domestic violence
Surfing Jesus peers through the clouds
His flashlight strong
Take me out of the states and I’m a writing fool…

My current life has kidnapped me
From the eyes of the others
But in the end, I will not press charges
For the fear of standing alone among critics
Keeps me cased
“This side down, wheels to the rear…”

Tonight part of the puzzle was shared
Within the wise words of those who speak to others
One speaks my piece
Another disagreed
Together they showed me a “why” I hadn’t seen

Perhaps I write because there is no “third party”
I am sharing my life with a legal pad
I discuss the days triumphs and frustrations with my trusty Uniball
To prove that, dispite my constant denials,
That I have a life
And that someone was there to share it with me…
The reader.

Why do I hide from the others?
I inflict my ramblings
Upon those who have been in
Sweating buildings
The loveless hours
The mud and countless grades of gravel
Because I know they will smile

I am too young and impatient to be a craftsman
Glad to be a cheap camera
In the hands of a restless child
Speak waves, speak!
Back me up on this, you’ve been watching
All along…
The rooster cries yes, yes, yes!
Telling me what I want to hear
Just begging for the ax
At 5 am
The words crash against the cove
And I scramble to retrieve them in order.

I pledge to seek out new ears
Walk through fear, wet with life
Watch my footprints disappear and worry not
As I scratch another photograph into the album.

[ for Bill Moyers and the poets south of the border]