Before bed last night I learned
Of a change in the weather
I really didnít need that information
Because of the transparent nature of
The weather here in Texas.

The sun struggles to be heard from
And the wind has blown the airplanes away.
It must be from the south, as the traffic
From the freeway is louder, the seams of
The overpass click beneath tires and makes it this far,
The traffic from the east a bit lighter than the west.

The birds seem angry that Iím sitting outside,
Their food waiting for them and their common sense
Prevents them from dining in front of others,
Scout parties line the fence and snipers fill the trees,
Each diving to test the non existent waters, cracked corn
And sunflower seeds beckon, the wind tells them to gather,
It may be close to 80 now but channel 5 said 29 on Thursday night,
Winterís coming back if only for a day…