12-2-95 visually marrying strangers on a corner in Copenhagen on a friday afternoon

Kobenhavn- Oslo

It was a shade of Red
That has no translation where I’m from
Put away your color charts
You’re wasting your time
It is a graceful hue
Natural and independent
On two wheels or standing
Dressed in black in winter’s billowing sunlight
Among polluted stone or painted wood
The cold makes it burn
Against smoldering naked skin
Where the fair make my heart stop
Red makes me live a thousand lives
Seeing into the future and the past
Generations of clean lines and smiles
That make surrendering or fighting to the death
The only two options
If there is a chemical body-bound
That enhances esthetics
I’m drowning in it
All the known emotions prick my skin
Here where my heart has been
And part of it will always stay.