Muchen- Chicago
40,000 feet

Well then…
Events turn like letters
On a rerun of Wheel Of Fortune
Played fast forward
Vanna can hardly keep up
Pat looks like he’s been hit over the head
With a bag of gophers
What were those words?
Wheel spins black
“ I’m sorry, but you’re emotionally bankrupt
and you lose your turn…”

Personal energy crackles in the air
Emotions set on stun
Unlikely heroes speak and wring their hands
A thousand adjectives spoken
It’s all talk
An attempt at perfection smiles
And flips me off
From a tangled pile on the floor
Timing is everything
The obvious screams through the abstract
And the future remains a mystery
They wonder why
This answer I have
Because fear has snuffed out the sun
And made night of all my days before
Bro, you’re not so alone.