It takes a great passion or commitment to make art, report or share on a regular basis. When I saw that someone said that 80% of the people podcasting a few years back would not be doing it in two I thought them mad. It’s been over a half year for me; I have tried, even recently but felt that the recordings were merely attempts to do it rather than actually saying anything.

In my teens and early 20’s I made music, playing drums in bands and in studio sessions. In my 20’s and 30’s I wrote poetry trying to share my life with my friends and family. In late 2004 I discovered podcasting and by January 2005 I was taking my need to yammer on and my teenage radio experience and finding a way to create. It got me through the death of my brother and other challenges. It introduced me to a wonderful group of music lovers, dreamers and thinkers, some of who are still prolific in their recordings.

I found that it was not fun for me when I had nothing to say and I didn’t really want to submit my listeners to an exercise in trying to say anything. I became more of a therapy session when I needed it and not entertainment. I have not quit podcasting, I just haven’t posted one since February.

With less to say and the ability to see and feel returning, I have turned to photography as well as some of the smaller social network micro-burst ways of saying things. They may not have replaced my other mediums but within a busy day of work while I feel an inspiring moment I can click a picture or shoot off a 140 character blast of verbiage from my phone in 30 seconds. Is it art? Is it communication? Is it jerking off? I’m not sure, but every now and then I sense I am saying what I need to say, seeing what I’m feeling and sharing what may be important moments with those who might be willing to listen.

I am glad that different mediums have come to me and that I might stay interested enough to learn something new about art, love and life.

We are really busy work-wise, preparing for the upcoming tour which I have to be quiet about due to a NDA. We are working rather  non-rock and roll hours and doing an abbreviated rehearsal period, but it feels like it is coming together as it should. The tour schedule will leave chances to recharge and explore. There will be more in its own time.

Thanks for checking in.

PS- there are new photos over at my flickr site … new camera, old technique… I’ll get the handle of it…