Paper or plastic?

After a few false starts I finally find myself writing the first post in over a year. There are some drafts lying around that consist of thoughts about our brethren who are no longer with us, some damn fine souls that I’ve spent time missing. They are the impetus of this one despite their exit before the beginning of Beat The Reaper.

So now we practice social distancing (though I think I was doing it before as well) and we are hoping that in some way the numbers here in the US are not going to be like Italy or Spain. I’m not very encouraged by the large lax percentage of the American population. I guess one last hurrah during spring break is a suitable price; the time is now here when we’ve heard of a celebrity or captain of industry is among the fallen.

I find myself at home with plenty to do and very little motivation for homestead repair. Instead I am interested in my previous life as a writer which slid and scampered away years ago. Those of you who have read anything I’ve done in the last 10 years will recognize the pattern; Logjam, followed by a mechanical dam break and a search and rescue party for the author. Now the excuses come home to roost; there is now a more visible threshold in sight. I don’t want to have a last conversation missed because of a medically induced coma and an intubation.

So here we are. The industry I work in was closed in a day. If I kept some perspective I should say that we were there because of the crowd. Then they outlawed crowds for a while and the need for what I do went on a serious hiatus. We used to be golden when things were good and when things were bad; going to a show is actually fun for the audience!

Now we have little blips of our clients past and present sitting in a neutral room with an acoustic guitar sharing their words, the melodies of hope. What can we do to be part of something? There are some elements of our business that are retooling to be part of the flattened curve. Remember though what we’ve been asked to do as the non-essential part of the population; stay at home, wash yer hands and wait it out.