The department of redundancy department, part 2

Feels like starting over… it always has. Bitterman Circle hasn’t had much love in a long time, some bullshit about my engagement in writing, creating and extrapolating. If you go back on this page you’d see that there has often been a gap of a year or more between posts. It’s not like nothing of any interest hasn’t happened here or out there. Life, death, new releases, old re-releases; I used to have an opinion on them too.

The drive and the process stopped meshing. I could prattle on about something of interest in print or auditory packets without much effort. I wandered about with a recorder in my pocket, just trying to capture some of the surroundings of my other home, the road. Strangely my co-travelers are now where I wished to be, collecting history before plaque fills the core of the good guys and gals out there.

Larry Milburn is talking to everybody with his Roadie Free Radio podcast; My pal Misty Roberts is doing one called Tales From Seat 4A.

There are others; where’s mine? How does the guy with a gum pack sized iRiver recorder in my pocket wandering the streets of the great unknown yammering on like a crazy person and recording it and sticking it online? It was 2005-2006 fer christsakes! I even upgraded my gear and then, poof! Nothing, nada, zip, zilch,zero.

I’ve often wondered where these things go, how they fill so much of you and then become another divorced limb, no longer an outlet or growing vine. My time isn’t really that full at home or the days off I get for working with grown ups.

I actually spent a long time figuring out another format to record and it’s waiting for me. I have the blessing of knowing so many unique people, ones that are still here to share and decode the mystery. I really see the clock running down in 2019, that the ones who started and changed this life who will be willing to tell their story and to connect the dots filling the sky.

So, no one is really immune; stadiums, arenas, vineyards, theaters, clubs, coffee houses…where have you been and what keeps you out there? Here we go again.