Retirement on the installment plan

It’s hard to believe I actually recorded another podcast this weekend after such a long break. Like my other writing, sometimes you just have to pick up the pen and start, even if the product sucks. I noticed my mix problems but have decided to keep this gross little nugget up anyway as it was done live and going back and editing it would have been like putting toothpaste back in the tube…

I got to see Bobby Schneck here in Texas this Sunday at Nokia Live when he came in with Rockstar Supernova. He is one of my few road brothers and I’ll do everything I can to see him even on a day off! They have trimmed down some of the ludicrous production elements so that the backline guys can get their gear out before sunset. I got to look around Gilby’s guitars and hear his Matchless/Marshall rig. After being home for a few months and my ears being rested, it was a stern slap in the chest standing in front of the speakers!

Sir Richard Dangerous

I also have noticed that besides Dave Ratt @ Roadies in the Midst , Mike Keneally (of Zappa/Vai/Guitar Therapy fame) is now linking to Friends of Gungi from his newsletter and on! Keep the funds coming people, even if it’s a days per diem. It will make a difference! Thanks to Dave as well for finding a place for Bitterman on his blogroll and for turning me onto Grier’s blog too… the RoadRing grows!!!