Thanks to Ben over at Tarski theme.com I am now finally able to offer all the podcasts on one page from a link on the navigation bar above this post. I know very little about PHP coding syntax, but one I find the right people to ask my silly questions, I’m able to find my way. I also put in a “Writing” navagation button next to it which currently includes the prose selections that were previously posted here. The poetry is another kettle of fish and I’m looking for the code to create a page that lists links to the poems individually and in order. Right now it looks like a first show load out.

The new blog has a built in Flash player that can play the podcast inside the window. Unfortunately it doesn’t like a couple of my files as I saved them at the wrong rate and have to resample them to work properly with this widget. You can always just download it from the link and it will sound fine, but until I sort out the rogue files a few of them may sound a little chipmunky from the flash player.

All in all I think it will be an improvement. I hope to figure out a separate feed for it and have it join the main feed so podgrabbers can see the episodes even if they fall of the front page.