The Wreckage of the Past

Well, the restarting of the Bitterman brand continues and it’s not without a few bumps and bruises. I transferred my audio files somewhere that they would work and work easily. All the old PIBC podcasts are available, including the early attempts.

I also found a new WordPress theme that I felt was cleaner than my old spreadsheet of broken links and started to add my own pictures where needed. The problem that I have is somewhere between the old host, the old theme and the new ones many of my posts and poetry are missing the second half. Somehow it was like each was trimmed down in the transfer. I have hard copies of the poetry and prose but the posts are gonna be a bitch to find and paste.

So… the Grand Opening is gonna be delayed for a while so I can try to find the broken pieces. I may be asking you for words that rhyme with paradigm.