The Loneliest Road

Found myself on the loneliest road
Not alone but leaning that way
Straight shot valleys and twisting grades
Hard to find a rhythm in this desert air
I pulled over for the silence
Key withdrawn and daylight Tinnitus
Left with the sounds of my vibrating body
Still moving while standing still
The truck came slowly from miles away
Passed me while I watched a scavenger circle
All of a sudden busy at grid point nowhere
A snapshot of the commerce of survival
That afternoon I lost my faith
On a freshly paved mountain switchback
Years of confident driving felled by the route
To feel ever more lonely on this lonely road
Forcing my eyes uncrossed again
The oncoming count from two to one
Glasses stacked upon wrinkled nose
Revisionist eyesight joins the story
What I saw, who was there, feelings at mile markers
Understanding the importance of the loneliest road
And how it can be anywhere you want it to be.