Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Only meters away from responsibility
The breeze moves the palm fronds and the sound of other people’s phones away
She knows the calls will come but this morning she listens to a different call
A message from the Earth by way of the sun and the nearby sea

She allows these words to be spoken to her
Without answer, without comment
what can one say?

The warmth spreads her flat against the towel
The thought of passing eyes quiets as the one repeated word from the sun alternates with the surf
Each cycle kneading her tight shoulders until they hold no more worry, no more lists
Until her arms are not there
Just the sun

Her legs find a place where yesterday’s miles have no voice
Her eyes closed, she cannot see them and need not worry as the sun makes them melt away

The heat comes
The skin responds with moisture
Her stomach radiates with the quiet smile of a good meal or a new love
The sweat makes her glisten like the water and she flows away

Flows away

All that is left is her head and her thoughts the nagging details and having to gather other people’s droppings
Each wave a high note answered by the deep tone of the sun

She eventually can’t hear the voices and the other sounds become part of the meditation:

A child’s cry joins the wave, a husband’s complaint joins the wave, the flapping of a nearby umbrella joins the wave until it is the sound of her breathing

Every minute is an hour and a second

Every wave is a lifetime

Every breath is a gift

Every moment is her freedom

Every moment in the sun.