to business for a year or more.   Added: I have depended on automated lists and corner clicked faves to serve as some form of conversation and I wouldn’t be surprised if no one checks here anymore besides the Russian spambots who fill the user list everyday. I’m not sure what they feel they will gain here, a storefront with
Deleted: I am not writing politically as the Democratic email machine has built up my delete finger to nearly Mr. Universe size. Music? I still listen and dissect things that most would find unlistenable. Poetry? I have a few unflowery pages from this year but the eyes that find the tumbling words have been closed and napping most of the time. What about the promised podcast? I still want to be the one who corners that market but I haven’t acted on the idea.    
Deleted: There is a part of me that wants to blame it on something as the motivation of the artistic side of me has been very limited. Mid-life blas, medicinal hokey pokey, the micro blogging habit… I just don’t feel compelled to create anything bigger than a like to be reshared.    
Deleted: Well, just sitting here with this draft is way beyond anything I’ve done in a while so who knows what could be next. I miss writing and podcasting; lets see if this can be a new start.