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Monday, July 4, 2005

Jeez, what is that guy complaining about now? A report from Las Vegas, NV as the July 4th weekend goes into super-stupid-ultra-mega-overdrive...

Back On the Road


The Las Vegas Centennial Celebration

"What Happened In Vegas, Stays in your soul FOREVER!!!"

heat and dust and decibels

Live 8

City of Quartz by Mike Davis

throwing matches at the gas pump


Fred Lowery

Sonny Landreth

Ok, so you may know the drill... click on the little speaker thingy in the upper right corner of this post to listen to the podcast or option/right click on it to download or just click here.
You really should be using a podcasting client like IpodderX or Ipodder though and using the RSS feed to automatically download it...

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