We’ve been busy down here with the “Icy Blast” or “Icy Slap” or “Bad Drink, hold the Ice” weather front here in Texas with a shift from 80 degrees to 30 in an afternoon. For a goofball who was raised up North, the idea of the city being brought to a standstill by some freezing rain or a hard freeze is something I’ve had to adapt to.

In areas where there is no preparation or infrastructure for radical departures from the norm these things that are typical or laughable to others become a matter of life or death. The same goes for those places who ended up getting a Texas-like summer a few years ago and hundreds died. I’m glad neither one of us commute on a regular basis. When I work here the hours are so strange I can usually pull it off.

The plants are in, the bushes covered, the spigots closed and thermally protected. The sound of sleet sounds odd on the pergola but not half as scary as a spring hail. We joined the lines of people stocking up at the market and now don’t need to leave the house for much of anything. I still watch the over-reactive weather people screeching like Chicken Little and wonder how I got so far from my childhood home. It doesn’t seem all that strange that the discussion of relocation has raised its head with this area offering less and less friends and a cooling bill that seems simply outrageous.

Is there anywhere that seems nice to any of you? Have you had to look at relocation when you had no idea where you wanted to go? Are all the nice places taken already? I’m a bad judge of places as I usually only spend 16 hours or so in each one. Without winning the Lottery or taking down a bank, where would you go if you could?

While you’re at it, Rolling Stone picked up the TXU “Clean Coal” story and it’s an interesting read…