For those of you who have listened to PIBC #31, I
received a call from Todd at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL (the
place where my pouch/wallet/Leatherman was “liberated” from me)
informing me that a cleaning woman found my pouch behind an ice
machine! He informed me that there was no cash in the wallet
(surprise), but it did have credit cards and other items intact. He is
mailing it to me here at home.

As I did not leave it behind the ice machine, I’m
guessing that the thief (I guess I can now use the word unless
liberating” cash has a new meaning) grabbed my stuff from stage left,
took what he needed for bus fare and ditched the bag on the way out.
I’ll be curious to see what remains. Maybe I’ll record the reunion with
it for the next PIBC…

I’m extremely grateful to Todd for taking the time
to track me down and contact me and to the nameless cleaning woman,
thank you; the other things in that bag are the things I would miss the