I think I can give you a few different reasons why it’s been so quiet in Bitterman Circle:

1) The Holidays

2) How Bitterman reacts to the holidays

3)General Creative Stasis mode

4)Nothing of any real importance I wanted to share because of 1,2 and 3.

The fact is in early December my wife Angela’s mother passed away and it has consumed a great deal of attention and energy. I am quite glad that I was home when it happened and that I could be here for her in the past 5 weeks to assist her with the many issues associated with her mother’s passing. We just returned from a weekend trip to Florida where we had to deal with her estate and visit with family. Work and blogging has had to be put on hold until we could get a handle on the situation.
I’m glad to say we returned this morning safely and I gutted my home directory for Bitterman and have been dealing with various format crashes that I have to admit I was probably totally responsable for. The migration of original posts made with Radio Userland to WordPress has been smooth but I monkeyed with the permalink structure for the podcasts and have to rebuild the podcast directory.

You will find a few different things here now; catagories and tags can help you find old posts.
My flickr sidebar is back as well as a daily cartoon from Hugh at Gapingvoid.com.

A sidebar list of my recent del.icio.us tags has carried over and you can find a very expanded writing section which is slowly getting up to date.
I’m trying to find a way to get the listing on the sidebar to collapse to save some space, but I haven’t found out how yet. If there are any wordpress geeks out there who know how, let me know.

Once again, update your feed to bitterman here for both podcasts and blog posts. Content is coming!

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