…any of the terms of service or EULA’s (End User
Licencing Agreement) that you agree to on a weekly basis? We click on
boxes, ignore the back of tickets stubs that say “get hit by a puck,
it’s not our fault” and rip open CD’s and toss them into our computers
to add the music that we’ve bought to our libraries.What are you
agreeing to? We’ve already mentioned the DRM problems with Sony CD’s; check out the Sony EULA… you’re probably breaking the law right now.

from Boing Boing and Cory Doctorow:

Sony’s EULA is worse than their rootkit.


UPDATE: The BBC reports that class action suits have been filed against Sony/BMG for their DRM/”Rootkit” copy protection use…

ANOTHER UPDATE?: Leave it to Sony… they have found a way for their DRM to mess with Macs too, according to this report found on Boing Boing