From them to me to you

I get links from lots of people and some that I’ve never met. They seem to be mostly road related or ways to save money while travelling. There even seems to be a few gift ideas among them, so just in time for Christmas, here’s a few things to check out:

Roadies are sure to have at least one thing in common: black t-shirts. Some of them are pretty funny and others are just vulgar. The band or the tour vendors are usually responsible for them. Now we’re seeing roadies branching out with their own swag or starting their own companies. I got an e-mail asking me to check out They offer a wide selection of shirts that are either universal or departmentalized. They have a few that expose the bickering between departments and also between touring and local crews. Prices are reasonable but get your orders in before they got to the Billboard Awards if you’re getting your favorite roadie a black cottton present.

Don’t forget our old friends at; they were he first roadie t-shirt site I heard of and they have a healthy pinch of bitterness that I really enjoy. And they’ve added a blog!

Keeping in touch can be one of the most expensive things for a touring person. You’ll see people swapping SIMM cards in every country, using Skype and IM software on the WiFi at the gig and jumping from calling card to calling card. Here’s a new one that was forwarded; They look like they have some good rates and an easy enough hoop to jump through.

I’m always interested in seeing other roadie’s blogs. What and how they share of their world is great for me to see what is similar and different from my take of this unusual career. Dave Rat is a sound guy and one of the founders of Rat Sound, an L.A. based touring sound company. It got its start around the Alt/punk/hardcore scene and still provides professional level sound support for bands like Weezer and Dave’s main client, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. He attached a personal blog to his company website earlier this year and includes behind the scene shots of both the gig and off time. It was really great to see photos of some of my Weezer pals (Hi Leif and Daniel!) having fun on the road. His blog is called Roadies in the Midst and I suggest you check it out. His idea for roadie playing cards is a winner. Also wander the Rat Sound site to look at their great collection of punk fliers and posters from the early 80’s.

Thanks to Kevin, Gary and everybody else for the tips!!!