I’m thinking there needs to be a Best of/Worst of for our little Bitter community this year… here are a few ideas for the

2006 Bitterman Circle List of Disappointment:

Best and Worst Venue (regional/ continental/ international nominees welcome)

Best and Worst Catering

Best and Worst Stagehands (can choose loaders as well)

Worst Bunk Choice

Best and Worst Airline

Best and Worst Airport

Best and Worst Security Checkpoints

Best and Worst Hotel

Best and Worst Internet Provider on the road

Biggest Ripoff on the road 2006

( I was considering lists for departments and job titles but hey, we all gotta work!!!)

Best New Road Innovation

Worst Same-old-crap Award

Most Disturbing New Trend

…and anything else you can think of. I’ll gather up the results and post them in December. You can leave them in the comments or email me at aronski@gmail.com. And for those of you not in the touring biz, you are welcome to share your opinions for the categories you can contribute in!