As expected, P-Dub lays it down
with the record companies and pulls the plug on them in his life and
his podcast, going 100% podsafe, joining most of the rest of the
Podshow guys. He will be removing the rest of his shows from his server
and removing any RIAA music from it in his very rare spare time. His
shows are exceptional; if you can, check some out before they are gone
forever at Digital Flotsam.
P-Dub, I respect you and how you made your case. I
don’t care if this is the safe move with the oncoming onslaught of
legal proceedings or just the straw that broke the RIAA camels back.
I’d like to say I join you in the ditching of the majors, but I’m
already halfway there, ya know? I think I’ll join you after the Born To
Run remaster is released on Tuesday cuz I really want the
documentary… I’s just better not put the album on my computer, ya
know? I am going to begin to talk to all of my friends who are in the
business who have been abandoned by the big four and start getting
artist ok’s that I have been reluctant to pester for. There are good
tunes out there, and now we just gotta start making sure we’re on the
right page.

Besides, the Shaw family doesn’t see all that much from those royalty grabbing goofs anymore.