Some of us who tour enjoy being behind the scenes and off the radar. Our days as performers and being known are over. There are a few of us you actually see on stage, delivering guitars and fixing things. Some of us make the effort to wear black to not draw attention to ourselves; I understand that the red hat Bob Weber wears during the show is to help the drummer see where he is at all times.

But there are fans out there who study every detail of a show and notice what we think is hidden by shadows and black cotton. This comes from a fan forum for a well known artist… the names have been changed to protect the innocent. The guilty are in plain view…

?Posted: Nov 04, 2006 5:40 pm Post subject: Roadie Question
On the last 2 or 3 tours I’ve occasionally seen a fairly short but stocky roadie, possibly of Mexican origin. I’ve never noticed him doing anything specific or significant, just helping out generally. That is until last week in Stockholm when I saw him during the show sat in the far right hand corner of the stage at a table with just a computer on it and a few papers. he probably wasnt visible from the front but I had a good view of him from my corner seat and through my binoculars. Whatever he was doing he looked pretty bored most of the time and didn’t have a whole lot to do throughout the 2 1/2 hours apart from pressing the occasional key on the computer or shuffling some paper.

Has anyone any idea what he would be up too? My best guess was teleprompter operater, but the timing of any of his activity didn’t seem to coincide with the end of one song or the beginning of the next when I would thought a teleprompter display would be changed.

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The only 2 roadies I know is “KB” and “AF”. K’s role is well defined and A played the keyboards on the last tour.

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It sounds like your talking about Dan L. who is the teleprompter operator. He is American(Jersey) with South East Asian origins I do believe.

He may looked bored during the show, but the teleprompter is extremely important. If that malfunctions or goes down, well then the show must Not go on.

He also helps out with other areas in setting up the stage and equipment.


So, the lesson for today is you could be being watched by one of the 20,000 people in the room even if you think it’s impossible for them to take their eyes off the center vocal or video screen. You should scratch discreetly, avoid public drinking or ogling and most of all, appear engaged.There can be nothing worse than word of your bordom getting back to your employer. They may not read the forums but might have hired someone to read ’em for them.

So comb your hair, sit up straight and be a good scout!

UPDATE: Well, I find this hard to believe, but some readers have wanted me to weigh in on the audience posting about the crew issue… I was quite comfortable giving road people the heads up about the potential unveiling of their actions being caught by the ticket buying public. The readers wanted me to go on record about what I know to be true about Head Set Carpenter Dan Lee.

1) He is Asian, not Mexican. He told me so.

2) He has many vast roles on the tour; sitting behind a computer and “shuffling papers” is just a small part of his day. As head carpenter, he is responsible for the curtains, the chandliers (how about that, even though they are just fancy lights, they are concidered part of the set), the carpet padding, the carpet, the carpet cable covers, the risers, the riser skirts, the steps to get on the risers, the vacuum cleaner, the placement of the teleprompter screens and running the teleprompter. He also is in charge of all the stage hands it takes set all these things up and the two other carpenters that work under him. He’s not bored, he’s tired!

3) He’s the only one who knows where the hamper with the batteries is.

4) Now that he has the map, he knows how to get around Koln as good as any of us!

And lastly,

5) Specific? Significant? You may be watching the crew out there, but you’ll never know how important proper riser placement is until you don’t have it…

…and, even when he is excited, he looks kinda bored.

There it is, I’ve weighed in… and there were people who said I wasn’t a team player…