I added an update to the previous post about the audience seeing the crew and Head Set Carpenter Dan Lee. Someone with great teeth who shall remain nameless wanted it to be above the original post rather than added to it at the end like everyone else on the internet. Here it is…

Oh, and there is an update to the update so keep reading…

I find this hard to believe, but some readers have wanted me to weigh
in on the audience posting about the crew issue… I was quite
comfortable giving road people the heads up about the potential
unveiling of their actions being caught by the ticket buying public.
The readers wanted me to go on record about what I know to be true
about Head Set Carpenter Dan Lee.

1) He is Asian, not Mexican. He told me so.

He has many vast roles on the tour; sitting behind a computer and
“shuffling papers” is just a small part of his day. As head carpenter,
he is responsible for the curtains, the chandliers (how about that,
even though they are just fancy lights, they are concidered part of the
set), the carpet padding, the carpet, the carpet cable covers, the
risers, the riser skirts, the steps to get on the risers, the vacuum
cleaner, the placement of the teleprompter screens and running the
teleprompter. He also is in charge of all the stage hands it takes set
all these things up and the two other carpenters that work under him.
He’s not bored, he’s tired!

3) He’s the only one who knows where the hamper with the batteries is.

4) Now that he has the map, he knows how to get around Koln as good as any of us!

And lastly,

Specific? Significant? You may be watching the crew out there, but
you’ll never know how important proper riser placement is until you
don’t have it…

…and, even when he is excited, he looks kinda bored.

There it is, I’ve weighed in… and there were people who said I wasn’t a team player…


Bob Weber wears a red baseball cap during the show because he got a bad haircut in Prague on the advice of Head Set Carpenter Dan Lee… I’m guessing that it’s red because he doesn’t own a black one. Bitterman Circle apologizes profusely for the error.