Podcasting and blogging from the road has never been an
exclusive of Bitterman Circle as other crews, bands and artists have
used the newest technology available since the time of Shakespeare.
I’ve tried to keep up with the road guys I know and include them in the
Road Ring section of my blogroll to the right.
Crew people are often cautious about exposing too
much about their employers or the personal behavior of their co-workers
as it could cause problems for everyone. Part of the attraction of
getting a “behind the scenes” look at things is the chance to see
something you’re not supposed to. The music tv and record company stuff
is so sanitized, you’d think that it was scripted… well, sometimes it
My friend Cookie is someone who stays at the front
of the pack when it comes to tech, not only for work but as a personal
interest. As audio gets more computerized and computers get more
audio-ized, each tour seems to need an IT guy or someone who can bridge
the gap.
Where I love to complain about having to help the
production figure out their daily wireless connections (all I do is
fill in a couple of dialog boxes and try to sweet talk some building
people), he actually knows about the stuff. If it’s not just lying
there, he goes out and finds it. He sets up stage cams for the fans at home to keep an eye on the band in real time.
Recently I found out that he’s started podcasting.
I’m just digging into them but so far it’s a cool take on the form; one
of them is the spot light call from the band’s lighting director for
one song and a few others are discussions and Q and A’s with other crew
guys. Hey, I could actually ask others to speak on PIBC? Wow…
So welcome another crew and another band to the mix: here’s Styx and the Styx crew…


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