Hey there…

I’ve just returned from a family vacation in Mexico
(excellent, more later including some photos); I decided not to bring
the laptop down there. Sometimes it’s best not to be put in a position
to defend looking at your aggregator when you get back from the beach,
stay focused on the matters at hand and give it a rest.
I just wanted to jump online and bring two matters
up that you may or may not have heard about that are both tragic.

Chris Whitley, the great singer and guitar player, died from lung cancer November 20th at age 45.

The other is the story of someone I used to work with.
Danny Harrison was the tour manager on the first Paul Simon tour I did,
“Born At The Right Time”(1990-1992). He worked for many years in the
Simon camp and also did a big Billy Joel tour.His business partner Marc
Silag hired me to tech guitars for Vincent and John; it became a life
defining experience for me. Danny was boisterious, cantankerous and had
a strange balance of danger & charm. There were often good times
happening around him and then also great sorrows. His life ended on the 19th when he was stabbed to death by his current girlfriend. My heart goes out to his children and the rest of his family and friends.