One of the great blessings of this year was that Angela and I got to take a trip to Los Cabos before Thanksgiving. Then I talked her into doing a podcast with me!


Baja California

Los Cabos

Angela and Aron: the terracecast

Bread and Sparrows


San Jose del Cabo art festival

Tough Room: Cabo history and Geography

A Tale of Two Cities

Suave Bolos (“Malambo” dancing)

Captain Fernando and his Ultralight

People Who Need People

Capo San Giovanni

El Tulipan (scroll down to “E” for phone #…)

MEGA mega

Young Old School

How to date a tourist… a Red Skin Diary

Smooth move

Soundseeing: the surf of Los Cabos into…

Lenine & Marcos Suzano
– “Miragem Do Porto” Buy it here!