I just got done watching Herbie Hancock speak at a National Press Club luncheon today on CSPAN about the importance of jazz and his role as chairman with the Thelonious Monk Institute. The written portion of the presentation was so wonderfully written; it was musical itself. I am curious if Herbie wrote the speech himself.

He also mentioned our friend Michael Brecker, his health challenges and the remarkable things he has accomplished recently. He used him as an example of not only the excellence of the jazz community but as an example of the effect that playing music has on people. For some it is not only a way to communicate but to transcend the mind, the body and difficulty they are facing. You can stream it from the CSPAN site using Real Player here. I hope I can locate a link or a copy of the transcript at some point. When it is distributed, it will probably be behind the pay wall, but if you have the interest , please watch it. It’s quite a speech.