I have always found in my creative writing that often I have to break the logjam and just write SOMETHING in order to instigate the routine of writing. It often leads to muddled poems, fractured, incomplete thoughts and usually writing about something I had no intention of sharing about. Blogging can be a bit different in that you can share what others bring you and bide your time. I think that I still need to dump a few things banging around my head today to make room for some quality thoughts… maybe.

    For the most part I have spent the last month at home and have been working locally, which usually requires me to commute south to Dallas where the venues are. On my return to Farmers Branch, above my exit from the freeway there is a billboard for an ATT campaign. With the exception of some fine print it says “Podcast Delivered”. Thinking back to a year or so ago when I was in the thick of my own podcasting adventure, it was just this strange little thing that people with too much time or money or things to say seemed to be doing. No one really knew what it was when I talked to them about it. Today podcasts are everywhere, including billboards. It seems so fast to me. I wasn't in the first wave of podcasters but in the quiet swell of early adopters that showed up around the beginning of 2005, my first one being posted in January.

    As the iPod and podcasting has become such big business, you know that everyone wants a piece of the pie. People have been able to record their own voice and other sounds economically for quite some time now; the difference has to do with the second word on the billboard… delivery.

    It's not really a big deal that radio or TV stations can copy a recording to the mp3 format and place it on their server as promotion. The same for record companies or advertisers. But for a 12 year old kid from a small town in the mid-west who has an internet connection and something to say? It still flips me out that I have gotten comments and e-mail from all over the world. I know that some people would think that what I do is special or exciting, but I'm just some middle aged guy who wonders if the thoughts in my head have any validity some days.

    I decided to take some time to share thoughts, music and experiences with others to see if I was crazy, alone or completely off track. I have found that the act of sharing in other aspects of my life have saved my bacon time and again. Sometimes I suspect I may have found a way to make it entertaining and others I'm convinced that I have uncomfortably stuck you next to that crazy guy walking down the street talking to himself or his alien handlers. So I record a set change in a field in Austria or a stream of consciousness in a moving vehicle in New England and someone listens to it in an office in Taiwan or in a train in New York. Some of these people I've never seen or spoken to. For a personality or celeb, this is no big deal, but I'm just some guy.

    How they found the podcast, accessed it and listened to it is important. Whether they ever listen again is either up to me being of interest or if they have any time or interest of their own. I find that my podcast listening has narrowed and that I usually do it at the gym or on an airplane as they are great places to isolate yourself from the screaming of children or bad popular music. I still find myself subscribed to a few (50 or so) but only listen to 4 or 5 on a regular basis. I also have friends who have slowed their publishing of podcasts due to life, lack of new content or overload of their own who I wait for like a letter in the mailbox rather than a posted episode at the same time daily. They can be the magic ones; my comment a while back about having something to say as opposed to just saying something may have a lot to do with that.

    So, my little hobby/ therapy/ ego stroke has become mainstream. My hits and listeners have dropped because I'm posting less often. There are millions of blogs and now hundreds of thousands of podcasts. My soapbox and my mic are available to me when I need them. I have some folks who let me know that I'm not just talking into a hollow branch of a tree. I chose my current life over the lure of stardom long ago and I'm fine with that. For those of you who still want to listen, keep subscribed and at some point a letter from your crazy Uncle Aron will appear when you least expect it. If you need punctuality, turn on cable news and you'll get beat over the head with the same thing every hour. Different strokes for different folks, ya know?