You would think, off the road, no tour, lying around the house, you'd be hearing from me everyday, sometimes repeatedly. Life is funny sometimes. I finished up the Simon run at the beginning of the month and took a week to re-enter the atmosphere of Texas and homelife. I re-established my local work routine with Local 127 and began the slow climb back up the list for work here. I've left so many times to go on the road that the hours I put in were struck from the records!

    There are plenty of projects and repairs to do, lots of things to do daily to stop the summer elements from destroying all the hard work we've put into the house and grounds. There's also that strange part of being home of trying to give your full attention and participation to your family, not just being some out of work visitor who's been there before.

    Now the planning for the fall and the remaining one offs have crept up into life again, the phone calls and orders being put in for strings, picks and the like. The road receipts are still unsorted, parts of my office look like Joe Franklin's… some things never change.

    I try not to short change my gig or my home… it's a delicate task sometimes, especially when you seem to be between dimensions. I'll finish now to return to life as we know it here at home…