With me posting so rarely during August, where can you go to find the things I usually find and share with you? You don't have to look far… over to the left in the Bitterman sidebar is a link to My del.icio.us tags page and a preview of the last 10 things I've tagged. The nice thing about using the Flock browser is you can tag from your URL box and it can show up on your front page. It's a lot easier as I read from the built in aggregator to hit the star, tag and keep going. My del.icio.us page is like an approved reading list of the things that got my attention.

(I should mention that you can do it with some easy-to-find plug-ins with your Firefox browser as well…)

    So, if I'm letting you down post-wise, look to the right and see what I've been looking at. It's what all the kids are doing these days!