Earlier today at the gym I looked up at the repetitive bank of TVs hung above the cardio equipment and saw the bold headline across the bottom of the Fox News channel:

    “Are Cellular Phones the New Trademark of Islamic Jihad?”

    This is why I never turn the channel on at home. There are people out there who can not or will not filter out the fear-filled sensationalist nature of this idiotic presentation. I'm not just going after Fox News as most of the other news outlets have proven themselves nearly equally dopey. This continual divisive attack on our senses creates a community of people looking for Martians in their breakfast cereal.

    There are plenty of good, hard questions to ask out there that a large media group won't ask and are not allowed to do so by their bosses because of the fear of it disrupting their business. I now spend more time reading news from various different sources from around the world in a RSS news aggregator to perhaps get a less tainted view of what may or may not be happening out there. My friend MK watches some of these channels so that he can know “what they're up to.” I can't deal with the need to shoot each angle of a story with a cocktail of steroids, hate and fear. I feel it being detrimental to me and fear it is far more so for the community at large.

    I know I have readers out there who are a little more to the right than I am and don't come here for political news or my opinions on it. I am not a news service; I am a human being, with feelings, opinions, shortcomings and interests. This blog is here for me to have a voice that can be accessed from nearly anywhere. It provides a platform for my work, my industry, my friends, my local and touring community, my art, my questionable sense of humor and for my place in the world. Sometimes you see things that just don't sit well and you have to release it in order to give it its place.

Consider it done.