Been a long time since I rocked and rolled… the first of 2006, the
first year of PIBC is in the bucket (#1 was Jan. 18th, 2005)… time to
get busy!

ID tag

Theme: Thunder Dust (Ancient Grains) by Southern Fried Swing

Hello… remember me?

Japan Trip:
Soundseeing backround from Nama Station shopping area, Osaka, Japan
Weezer tour wrap up

Snow and Bullet Trains

Thanks to Pat, Scott and everyone on the tour

Green Light: Bumblefoot ok’s song useage on PIBC! Thank you very much!

“Real” from his new recording “Normal”
Visit and buy it here!

Bald Freak

Forward into the past: the holidays, Mom visits, remembering how to be home

Failure To Relaunch… no S.J. Parker content here…


Tower of Song podcast
from Tim Harlow

Thank you Steve!

The Black Math Experiment
– “You Can Not Kill David Arquette”

Available at the Podsafe Music Network or the Black Math website

Trying to keep busy and sane in the off season

– “Wasted Away” from “Forgotten Anthology”