I’m sitting in the new Terminal D at DFW, the International one that just went online recently. The mall aspect of it in new and improved, higher end food mixed in with the Mickey D’s and the like. I’m on my way to Osaka, Japan to complete the Weezer tour with a mere 7 shows in 8 days. we’ve had a 5 week break and we’ll try our best to pull it together in the morning before the first show… we sure could have used a production day to tech the gear but bigger fish than I make decisions and figure we’re that good… or it doesn’t really matter. We’ll see.
So, 2 in Osaka, one each in Fukuoka and Nagoya and 3 in Tokyo with 2 of them filmed for future use… whee.

Had to get a new bag… my I reccommend to you all the bags of Briggs and Riley, the only one’s out there with a lifetime unconditional warranty. Pricey but very well made, they will fix your bag free without an airline claim forever. I tend to buy cheap and buy often but my darling wife Angela is someone who loves good insurance and thinks I may have bought my last suitcase… we’ll see. They are available online at Netbags.com.

I’ll do my best to keep you up to date from Japan; they best have that free high speed going on at the gig!!!